4 Different Types of Garden Buildings to Buy in Suffolk


As the cooler weather sets in, now is the perfect time to take a good look at your garden and think of what would make it more functional next year. Have you found yourself short of storage space over the summer? One way to address this is to invest in high quality garden buildings. Whether you have a small courtyard garden, or substantial grounds, there are a host of different designs of wooden sheds to choose from – in all sizes – to suit any type of Suffolk garden. So you’ll never be short of outdoor storage space again!

Ask anyone what the most popular use for a garden shed is, and most people will say ‘to store tools and furniture’. However, their use doesn’t need to be restricted to storage. Sheds can also double up as a workshop, a children playroom, a hobbies den, or even to protect your vehicle. Here, at Nelson Potter, we stock an extensive range of garden sheds for every conceivable use. This article puts the spotlight on five popular types of sheds and how they can help turn your garden into the perfect haven.

The Workshop Shed

Workshop sheds are generally bigger than traditional sheds and benefit from windows to allow enough light to filter through so you can complete the task at hand. These types of sheds are popular with DIYers, who want a dedicated outdoor space to build furniture or shelving, motorbike or cycling enthusiasts, who need an area to mend and clean their bikes, and also homeowners needing a hobby den. If you want a dedicated hobby space, a high quality wooden workshop is an excellent money saver and offers a cheap alternative to a house extension. Our larger workshops are big enough to store garden tools, in addition to providing room to work. We have a wide range of workshop sheds in sizes 7’x5’ to 20’x10’, just click on the link to view.

The Wooden Garage

These are soaring in popularity for a number of reasons: they offer a cheaper alternative to a brick-built garage and you don’t need planning permission for a wooden garage as it is considered a temporary structure. It can also be constructed relatively quickly, so you will soon have the ideal place to store your car. October is a great time to consider buying a timber garage, as you can start using it before the winter sets in. It will keep your car clean and dry and you won’t have to scrape ice off your windshield during the coldest months of the year! Our wooden garages are spacious enough to store garden tools inside too. Our sizes range from 16’x10’ to 20’x10’. Just click on the link above to order yours today.

The Summerhouse

Now is a good time to think about choosing your summerhouse in plenty of time for next year. During the warmer months, summerhouses provide a perfect haven for relaxing and unwinding. They are also ideal for pursuing hobbies, ranging from crafts to reading a book. Despite the name, a summerhouse can also be useful in the winter, for instance as somewhere for children to play outside. We stock a wide choice of summerhouses, including some with Georgian-style bay windows and verandas. Sizes range from 5’ x 7’ for a simple “summer room” right up to 12’6” x10’. Click the link to see our summerhouses.

The Traditional Shed

A traditional garden shed is ideal for storing all kinds of equipment, ranging from lawn mowers and garden tools. Sheds can also be used to store gardening supplies, such as bags of peat and fertiliser, bulbs and seeds, as well as items which should not be stored in the house, including pesticides. They are also very useful for storing barbecues and patio furniture. Timber sheds blend in well with the garden and add to the natural ambience.

We produce a range of sheds in sizes ranging from 5’ by 4’ through to 12 x 8, with many different options, including windows and optional security features. You can also choose a traditionally-styled potting shed. Follow the link to browse our shed range.

If you are looking for garden buildings, Nelson Potter has a great range of sheds and cabins. With sites near Ipswich and Woodbridge, we are a popular choice with customers from across Suffolk and East Anglia. Click here to see the whole range of garden buildings from Nelson Potter.

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