Beautiful Garden Design Ideas – How to Create the Perfect Practical Outdoor Space

As the saying goes, an Englishman’s home is his castle – but the outdoor space surrounding that home is just as important. We sell everything from wooden garden trellis and fencing to decking, garden and patio furniture, wooden sheds, summer houses, arbours, log cabins and wooden garages. So you can create the perfect outdoor space that is not only stunning, but practical too. There are many different garden designs, so the only difficulty is choosing the right one for you.

When redesigning your garden, first think about practicality and how much work you will be creating for yourself in the future. If you have a lot of space available, you might want elaborate raised flower beds made with railway sleepers, or large extensive lawns with wooden sheds and greenhouses. However, if you have a small outdoor space, you could opt for a low maintenance garden surrounded by attractive fencing, enclosing a stunning paved area with a water feature and planters.

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, you may feel it is important to have a barbecue and a patio or decked area for dining. And, if you work from home and don’t have the space indoors for an office, you may want to consider siting your workplace outdoors, for instance in a shed or log cabin.

Whatever your vision for your garden, Suffolk based family-owned timber merchants Nelson Potter can help so you can make the most out of your garden this summer.

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The Cottage Garden

Even if you don’t have a picture-postcard thatched cottage, a traditional cottage garden could be an ideal choice for this space. If you are hankering after climbing plants or roses round the door, you could choose to include a fan-shaped trellis or wooden rose arch, while rustic wooden planters also add an extra note of old-fashioned charm. This kind of garden will appeal to anyone who likes an informal atmosphere, featuring a mix of plants geared to your own tastes, with fruit and vegetables growing alongside a colourful variety of flowers and bushes. Traditional wooden fencing can also add the perfect finishing touch to your cottage garden.

The Zen Garden

Also known as Japanese rock gardens, Zen Gardens are inspired by designs created by Zen Buddhist priests in the 14th century. However, this type of garden is now becoming popular in the UK too, because it is very easy to maintain and has peaceful and calming qualities. A Zen Garden is centred on arrangements of rocks and boulders, but also includes a few carefully-chosen plants, as well as decorative mosses. Wooden fencing, such as eco-friendly framed willow panels, can also play a role in the garden’s design, as can decking. In past centuries, Zen Gardens did not contain water features but instead had gravel or sand raked to give a rippling effect which looked like water. Modern gardens of this type may contain water features such as ponds and waterfalls or fountains, but they will still have the sand or gravel surfaces.

The Courtyard Garden

For those in a town who have limited outdoor space to play with, a courtyard garden is the perfect answer, offering your own little backdoor oasis of colour and beauty. Water features are often popular elements of courtyard gardens, together with plant containers and small trees. Wooden decking could provide a warm option for part of your courtyard space, or you could decide on a paved patio. Either way, to enjoy sitting out in the sunshine, you will need attractive outdoor patio furniture, such as a round wooden table and chairs or a rustic bench. You could also decide to enclose your garden with climbing plants on trellising.

The Family Garden

When you have a growing family, the garden isn’t just somewhere to admire but somewhere to spend as much time as possible. Most children will want to go out and let off energy as much as possible, so it’s important to pack your outdoor space with opportunities for activity and enjoyment. A summerhouse could provide the perfect place for youngsters to use as a base or playhouse, but will equally appeal to older members of the family to sit out in the shade and maybe enjoy a book or craft activities. You will also need garden furniture for your patio or decking area, while a built-in barbecue could be a great choice for summer entertaining.

The Workshop Garden

If you work from home or have a craft hobby, then it is a shame to be cooped up in the house all the time during the summer months. You may also lack space indoors for an office or workshop. Either way, a great solution could be to use a log cabin as an office or to have a workshop/hobbies room in the garden. If time is an issue, you may want to choose to site your wooden building in low-maintenance garden with planters and perhaps an attractive arbour or a water feature.

About Nelson Potter

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