Best Uses for Wire Fencing

Wire fencing is often thought of as simply an agricultural boundary solution in a completely different category to your more domestic, wooden fencing. But, when it comes to its uses, as well as keeping chicken and other livestock in, and unwelcome visitors out, wire fencing has many functions and can cater for all sorts of circumstances, including drawing up boundaries for allotments and new builds, as well as to section off parts of your garden for safety, security and more.

At Nelson Potter, traditionally timber merchants, we cater for a multitude of fencing needs, from wooden to wire fences, and we have the know-how to help you choose and construct the boundary solution to suit the needs of your home or business.

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Why Use Wire Fencing?

With so many different boundary requirements, all of which have specific security needs of their own, each type of wire fence that we offer at Nelson Potter has its own practicalities and uses.

Agriculture and Farming

Possibly the first choice for farming and agricultural organisations, wire fences are far more practical and also a much more cost effective option than wooden fencing. Keeping animals within (or out of) an enclosed area, to protect them or to keep them from causing damage to crops and other areas of land, can sometimes prove difficult.

Barbed wire is generally a good solution and is often selected here. An obvious deterrent, our barbed wire at Nelson Potter is made from double strand mild steel, much safer than single barbed wire. With a 2.5mm thickness and coming in a length of 200m, our barbed wire is perfect for cattle fencing and as a top wire for your traditional stock fencing as it will deter cattle, horses and other livestock from pressing against it.

Allotments and Smallholdings

Allotments and smallholdings are ever growing in popularity and many hours are invested into cultivating within them. Protecting them is therefore of utmost importance.

In an allotment or smallholding, there is a multitude of uses for wire fences from drawing up boundaries, keeping out unwanted visitors, sectioning off different areas and creating chicken runs. At Nelson Potter we cater for all these requirements with our range of wire fencing, including:

  • Rabbit wire – helping prevent rabbits from destroying your crops and plants, our rabbit wire comes in a number of different size options, from 10m x 1.050m through to 50m x 1.2m, and all with 31mm holes – an ideal size to keep rabbit sized pests away.
  • Strand wire – commonly used for tensioning rabbit wire fences and coming in either 2mm or 3mm thickness and at lengths of 200m, 80m or 400m.
  • Chicken wire – available in a number of heights, from 90cm, 1.2m and 1.8m, and each with 50mm hexagon holes.

Business and Commercial

Whether needed to mark out boundaries on building sites, as well as the gardens for new builds, barbed wire fences can also be used for high protection areas at airports, railways and the like.

As well as our double strand barbed wire, our weld mesh fencing, stronger than chain link and therefore offering heightened security, proves a popular selection here.  This comes in sheets of 2.4m x 1.2m.

Domestic and Household

Within the home environment, more often in the garden, there are also many uses for wire fences. While the majority of garden borders will usually be marked with more decorative wooden fencing, our chain link fencing is often selected if a householder wishes to still have clear visibility through the border, while deterring unwelcome guests and keeping pets within the boundaries of their own property.

This is coated in green PVC and comes in sizes of 25m x 0.900m (with 52m green line wire included), 25m x 1.2m (with 52m green line wire included), and 25m x1.8m (with 76m green line wire included) and each option has 75mm hole apertures.  Rabbit wire and chicken wire are also both popular for domestic pet and chicken run use.

Our Range To Help With Your Wire Fence Build

As well as supplying you with a wide range of wire fencing options, at Nelson Potter we have the experience and the know how to advise you when it comes to selecting and building your fence.

We sell Machine Round pointed posts to attach most wire types to and stock a wide range of other fencing accessories and tools. These include: tensioners to allow you to have a very taught strand on which to clip your wire, netting clips to fasten your rabbit or chicken wire, quality fencing pliers for all types of link-wire solutions, netting gun and clips to secure your netting quickly and easily, augers and hole diggers. So you need to  look no further for all your fencing supplies.

About Nelson Potter

A family owned timber merchant with over 40 years of history, we have been supplying fencing and garden products to the trade and public since 1972. With sites in Bromeswell, Woodbridge, and in Bentley, as well as an online shop, we pride ourselves on being accessible to our customers in Suffolk, Essex and the UK. And, with an honest knowledge about all of the products we produce and stock, our customers experience dedicated service every time they come to us.

If you would like to know more about wire fencing options, or how to build a wire fence using our range, please do visit, call or contact the team at Nelson Potter here.

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