Enjoying Your Summer Garden

We’re having one of the hottest summers since records began, with minimal rainfall and plenty of bright sunshine right into the warm evenings. One of the best parts of the summer is being able to sit back with a cold drink and admire the results of your hard work in the garden. But with this warm weather comes some things you need to do to fully enjoy your garden for the rest of this hot summer.

Nelson Potter provides everything you need to enjoy a log, hot summer in your garden from sheds, fencing, gates and garden furniture for customers in Ipswich, Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Colchester and Bury St Edmunds.

Water Your Garden Well

When the weather is hot for an extended period, don’t forget to water your entire garden regularly. Instead of giving each section of your garden a little splash, spend time making sure each plant is getting enough water and the roots are completely penetrated.

In this extreme weather, if you can, try to water every evening while’s cooler so the plants can drink overnight. Young plants, hanging baskets and growing vegetables need the most attention.


During the summer, everything grows a lot quicker – and that includes weeds. Spread a thin layer of mulch on beds, borders and around the roots of perennials and shrubs to keep the soil cool, supress weed growth and help retain moisture in the soil.

Harvest Your Fruit and Vegetables

Late summer is the best time to pick and eat all the delicious and healthy fruit and vegetables you’ve been growing since spring. Be sure to sufficiently water all the other produce that’s not quite ready to pick yet.

Ensure you’ve covered soft fruit growing on the ground, such as strawberries and raspberries, with a netting to protect them from birds and other small animals who love to eat these sweet, juicy fruits as much as we do!

Garden Furniture

Outdoor tables, benches and chairs are an essential part of enjoying your garden in the summer as they allow you to relax, kick back and take the weight off your feet.

Pick a spot that gets both sunshine and shade. Not only will you get to enjoy your furniture more in the heat and the cool but keeping it out of direct sunlight will prolong its life.

Make sure your garden furniture is protected with the relevant sealant, so it lasts through harsh elements of the winter until next summer.

Nelson Potter stocks a huge variety of wooden structures, high-quality timber decking, fencing, garden landscaping equipment and garden furniture. Click here to be taken to our online store to see our full range.


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