Fencing Essex: Smarten Up Your Garden For Spring With New Fencing From Nelson Potter!

An attractive fence is a great way to spruce up your garden ready for the summer months. Defining boundaries with good quality fencing creates an appealing backdrop and is a vital part of creating the perfect garden. If you are looking to build fencing in Essex – or anywhere else in the UK – Nelson Potter are fencing  suppliers in the Essex area and we sell a wide range of products including decorative fencing, heavy duty fencing, picket fencing and trellising. We also have a range of garden gates to match.

Spring is a popular time to build a fence because the temperatures are just right for outdoor work and the ground is not frozen, as it would be in the winter months. However, you can build fencing for your Essex garden at any time of year – whenever you feel the time is right for garden improvements.

If you are building your own fencing, you will need some basic DIY skills and will need to set aside at least a weekend to complete the project. Bank holiday weekends are perfect for this. If you do take advantage of the up and coming bank holiday weekends you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour and your brand new look garden during the summer months.

Nelson Potter fencing suppliers, Essex, sell all the products you need to construct your fence including bolts, nails, screws and fencing posts. Here we shall describe some of the benefits of installing fencing in your Essex garden.

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The benefits of fencing Essex

Boundary Control

The most obvious reasons for to build a fence is to mark out the perimeters of your garden.  Fence heights are a matter of planning policy but as a general guide, fences can be up to two metres high (6 ft 6 ins) for your back garden and up to one metre (3 ft 3 ins) high at the front of your property.

Creates Privacy

If you want to relax in your back garden away from the prying eyes of your neighbours or passersby then the best way to do this is to build a fence.

Nelson Potter sells a wide range of privacy fencing for Essex customers in a host of different styles and designs so you will always find one to suit your needs.

Increases Security

A garden is often full of things that burglars love to take or use to break into your house. According to the British Crime Survey 1996, most burglars enter a house at the back or the side of a property.

Burglars can scale a fence, so the Metropolitan police suggest fencing topped by either open ended or weak trellising is a good way to keep burglars out as the trellis won’t support the weight of a human, so they will avoid it.

Keeps Kids and Pets In

Using fencing for your Essex garden not only keeps the children and pets within the confines of your garden, but it also helps keep other people’s pets, such as dogs, from straying onto your lawn.

Weather Control

Fencing helps protect your garden from the elements. It can control sunlight by shielding you from the sun’s rays and can act as a windbreak.

Beautiful Backdrop

The beauty of fencing is that it comes in so many different styles and designs. From traditional fencing to decorative panels and trellising, it is a wonderful way to enhance your garden.

Fencing is Versatile

Fencing is not only used as a boundary, but can also be used to section off certain areas, such as vegetable patches, or to create flower gardens or shaded dining areas. You can also improve your garden by putting up trellising alongside your fence and growing climbing plants.

Types of Fencing

If you are building a fence in spring the first step is to choose your style and this comes down to personal taste.

Think about what you want to look for in a fence; whether you want a classic and timeless design, a tough fence to withstand everything the weather throws at it, or decorative fencing to make your garden boundary a little bit more personal to you.

Nelson Potter provide the perfect solution as we are fencing suppliers in the Essex area and also have a range of garden gates to match our fencing panels.

Traditional Fencing

One of the most popular forms of traditional fencing is our heavy duty Waney Edge fence panels on a timber frame with part horizontally overlapped boards. We sell them with or without trellis and, if well maintained, they have a ten year life span.

Another durable type of fencing, sold by Essex fencing suppliers Nelson Potter, is our weather board panels. These are the strongest fence panels we sell and are suitable for homes or for commercial properties and have a service life of up to 20 years.

Rustic Fencing

Willow panels are a beautiful, natural form of fencing which are used as an alternative to traditional fencing. They are not as strong as conventional fencing panels but look stunning in any garden.

We also sell hand woven hazel fence panels that add character to your garden and look striking in gardens, parks and play areas. Like our willow panels, we import these from a regularly harvested plantation.

Decorative Fencing

You can add your own personal touch to your home with decorative fencing. Your Essex garden will look stunning this spring with eye catching fencing from Nelson Potter, with or without trellis.

We have a wide selection of fencing with parallel or diagonal designs and with either straight, wavy, convex or concave tops, to add an eye-catching look to your garden or backyard. They are produced from a sustainable and responsibly managed forest and can last up to 15 years.

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing looks decorative and attractive and is a good way of marking the boundary of a front garden, or for keeping children and pets away from certain areas, such as ponds or pools.

We have picket fencing available with round or pointed tops, which have been pressure treated for extra longevity.


Trellising is a very versatile addition to a garden as it has a variety of uses. It can be installed freestanding and used to section off areas of the garden, or to support climbing plants. It can also be fixed to a wall or fence, or added to the top of fencing for a decorative effect and to increase the height of your fence.

We sell fan trellis to support climbing plants and also square or diamond trellis in a variety of sizes and with either a straight, convex or concave top.

Nelson Potter are fencing suppliers in the Essex and Suffolk areas and we offer a local delivery service. Find us at The Sawmill, Hatchley Barn, Bromeswell, Woodbridge. We also have a retail yard near Ipswich at Nelson Potter (Dodnash Limited), Bergholt Road, Bentley, which is just off the A12.

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