Fencing Installation Guide

If you are looking at installing fencing in Suffolk, Essex or elsewhere in the UK, this can be done pretty much at any time of year. However, autumn is the best time as it offers milder weather for outdoor work compared to the winter months when the ground could be frozen solid.

When it comes to enhancing your garden with wooden fencing, it is always best to install or repair your fencing panels well ahead of the summer months so you and your family can enjoy the full benefit of your garden when the sun comes out.

Fencing can either be put up by an expert or, if you want to save yourself some money, it can be installed by pretty much anyone with basic DIY skills. Here we shall give you an easy guide to putting up fencing in your Suffolk or Essex garden.

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The Easy Way to Install Fencing

The first step is to choose the right type of fencing panels for your garden. It could be that you want traditional hardy fencing and that your main priority is the durability of your fencing.

However, if you want something different but also long-lasting there are various decorative fencing panels available in a variety of designs such as fencing with convex and concave tops and either with or without trellis.

Before you decide on your fencing panels, it is probably a good idea to let your neighbours know in advance that you will be putting up a fence so they know of your plans and what to expect. Be clear of where your boundaries are so your fence does not encroach on your neighbours’ property and, if you are pulling an old fence down, make sure it does not belong to your neighbour. If the fence is on your own property, however, you can install your fence alongside the neighbours’ one.

Putting up a fence is ideally a two person job so it is a good idea if you can have either a friend or relative to hold the fencing panels in place.

Here is our step-by-step guide to installing fencing in your Suffolk or Essex garden:

The tools you would need to start with are: fencing panels (and trellis), fence posts, concrete mix for fixing the posts into the ground, hammer, galvanised nails, panel clips, shovel, string, pegs, tape measure, spirit level and gloves.

Before you do anything else, the first step is to mark out the boundary of where your fence will be and you can do this with some string and pegs.
Next, dig out a 2ft hole for your first post. It is usually advisable to put the first post nearest the house, or other permanent structure, so the panels are as straight as possible.
Put the post into the ground, mix up the concrete and pour this into the hole. Use the spirit level to check that the post is level before the concrete sets
Next, accurately mark where your second post is going to be by getting a friend or family member to hold a fence panel against the first post, then dig a hole for the second post
Use the fence clips to attach the fence panel to the first post. The clips should be nailed to the inner side of the post first and the fencing panels afterwards. Fence clips are a better fixing option than ordinary nails.
Put the second post in the hole and attach it to the fence panel using the method described above, then secure the post with the concrete mix
Repeat the steps above until the fence is complete.
Gather the family around with a cup of tea and admire your handiwork. You now have a beautiful fence that not only improves the look of the garden but also gives you many practical benefits such as maintaining privacy, defining boundaries and keeping your children and pets within the confines of your garden.  Remember, if you are selling your property, buyers generally make up their mind about a property within the first few minutes, so a neat and tidy fence and garden can help clinch a house sale.


About Nelson Potter

East Anglian based timber merchants Nelson Potter sell a wide range of traditional and modern fencing to customers in Suffolk and Essex.

We sell Waney Edge fence panels, weatherboard fencing, decorative panels, willow, hazel and picket panels. We also sell fencing with trellis on the top which not only looks attractive, but also increases the height of your fencing.

The majority of our fencing panels have the option of a matching gate for easy access to your garden. In addition to this, we have a range of accessories to help you install your fencing.

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