Four Top Gardening Jobs for November

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Just because the clocks have gone back and the nights are now drawing in doesn’t mean gardeners can forget about their outdoor spaces. There’s still plenty of jobs you can do to ensure everything – not just your plants – are protected for whatever weather winter will bring in the next few months.

Nelson Potter supply high-quality fencing products and other timber items to gardeners in Colchester, Woodbridge, Ipswich and across East Anglia. Here we highlight some gardening tasks which should be top of your list to complete this month.


Protect Your Plants

Even hardy plants need some protection over the winter months – and not just from the elements, but from hungry birds and animals too. Pigeons are a particular pest at this time of year and are particularly partial to anything still growing in your vegetable patch, such as brassicas like broccoli, sprouts, cabbages and cauliflowers.

Move potted plants indoors or to a greenhouse where possible, or if you are more limited for space – to a porch or. With vegetables, cover them with wire netting, or, in the case of shrubs and larger plants, bubblewrap. At Nelson Potter, we have a wide range of wire netting products for sale in our online shop.

For species which can’t be uprooted or moved, replenish your layers of mulch for added protection. It will help your plants retain moisture and suppress weeds as well as encourage growth.


Bonfires Have Their Uses

Fires aren’t just for November 5. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommends this month as the best time for a seasonal bonfire to dispose of any garden rubbish which is unfit for composting. Before having your bonfire check it is allowed by your local authorities and tell your neighbours as a matter of courtesy.

‘Come home to a real fire’ was a famous advertising slogan, as nothing says winter warmth like having a roaring fire in your fireplace. At Nelson Potter we stock a range of firewood and related products as well as log stores which mean your wood will be kept nice and dry and will burn effectively once it’s brought indoors.


Put Your Winter Bedding Plants in

If you want your garden to look good over the next few months, now is the time to put in your winter bedding plants. Remember, whatever variety they are, they should be hardy enough to cope with the wind, rain, snow, frosts and low temperatures the next few months will bring.

The RHS recommends half-hardy annuals such as cosmos, marigolds and tobacco plants which can be grown from seed and sown in. Half-hardy perennials such as begonias, geraniums and lobelias will also survive with some frost protection if they are planted now.

Hardy annuals such as pot marigold and poached egg plants can be planted directly into the ground and won’t need any frost protection. Hardy perennials such as winter-flowering heathers (pictured above) and dwarf conifers can also go into the soil now.


Check Your Fencing

Now is the time to check all your boundaries and fences are in solid condition as the weather will be at its most unpleasant. Make sure there aren’t any loose or rotting panels which need replacing or refixing.

If there are, we have a whole range of fence panels and fixings in our online shop. If you want something really durable, we would recommend our weatherboard fencing because this is a particularly heavy duty product. Weatherboard fencing is also known as Feather Edge & Close Board Fencing.

It is also worth checking if your fencing needs a fresh coat of preservative. We also supply Protek shed and fence wood treatment in a variety of different shades. It is suitable for animal enclosures as well as sheds and fences and is also environmentally friendly. For more information, follow this link.

At Nelson Potter, we have an excellent reputation for high-quality fencing products in Colchester, Ipswich, and right across East Anglia.


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