How Garden Buildings Maximise Space and Help You Make the Most of Your Outdoors

With autumn upon us, now is a great time to take a look at your outdoor plot and decide how to improve it – and one way to do this is by using garden buildings to help maximise your space.

If you are thinking of buying garden buildings, the first step is to decide what they will be used for. From sheds to summer houses, lean-tos, workshops, garages and log cabins, Nelson Potter sell a wide range of garden buildings for all plot sizes: from small city allotments to large grounds.

Garden buildings serve as a fantastic garden tidy, especially during the winter months when garden toys, tools, games equipment and furniture are not used as much. It stops the garden getting cluttered and keeps equipment out of the elements so it is kept clean and dry during the winter months.

Here we shall look at the range garden buildings available and how these will help improve your outdoor environment.

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The Benefits of Garden Buildings

Garden buildings have so many benefits that you will wonder how you have managed without one. They are ideal for storage, provide extra room and can even improve the value of your home. Here we shall look at the appeal of garden buildings and why they are well worth the investment.

It Creates Extra Space 

A log cabin, workshop or summer house adds another room to your home. It can serve as a youngster’s playroom, a teenage hang-out, an office, games or hobbies room. Or use it as your own personal haven where you can enjoy some quiet time, read a book or listen to music. Not only this, it gives you, your partner, or children a fun place at the bottom of the garden to retreat to.

It is More Organised

A shed is an absolute essential and no outdoor space should be without one. It is mainly used to tidy away tools and garden equipment, so you don’t have to store all these in the garage or inside the house. A well organised shed means that you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Makes Your Garden Neater

Think how attractive the garden will be when you have a place for everything. A wooden garage, for instance, can also be used not only for the car, but also to store vehicle accessories such as vacuum cleaners, car wash equipment, pumps and hoses. It allows for these items to be packed neatly away so they are not cluttering up your outdoor space.

Add Value to Your Home

A log cabin can improve the value of your home and is an appealing feature when you want to sell your property. It could help clinch a deal as it makes your home more attractive, especially if there are similar properties for sale at the same time as you market yours. A tidy garden with a well maintained shed, garage or summer house is another welcome presence.

Protects Items

Garden tools and equipment are more protected if stored in a shed as this prevents damage from wind, rain, frost or strong sunlight. Choose a wooden garage and you will find your car stays cleaner for longer and means that you don’t have to scrape ice off the windows on cold winter mornings!

Acts as a Deterrent 

Some garden buildings, such as a wooden garage, will help deter thieves. Cars parked on the street are more visible and means that burglars can peer inside to see if there are any valuable contents left overnight. It is the same for bikes too, as these are at risk of theft if casually left by the side of the house instead of locked in a garage.

Guide to Garden Buildings

Our smallest garden buildings are our dog or cat cabins and these are popular options for those who want a comfortable environment for their four legged friends to bed down in.

However, if sheds are what you are after and you want something just to store basic garden equipment, our smallest sized sheds are our potting sheds, Super Apex Shed or our Super, Delux or Lean-to Pent Shed.

If you need a hobbies room, an outdoor office or teenage games room, a summer house or log cabin may be more suitable and we sell these in a wide range of sizes right up to the Regatta, which is our largest at 20 ft x 16 ft. We also have a range of workshops for woodwork and other hobbies.

If you are looking for somewhere to store the car, our wooden garage sizes start from 16 ft x 10 ft and are cheaper than a brick-built alternative.

Where to Site Your Garden Building

Here’s our quick guide on where to site your wooden garden building:

Workshops: Most people like their workshops as close to the house as possible, for easy access whatever the weather.

Sheds: As a shed is a much smaller garden building, there is more flexibility on where to position it. However, if you want something up against the house, you may prefer a lean-to.

Summer Houses: These are very often found at the bottom or corner of the garden. You can also choose to have a summer house by a pond or tucked away in a hidden spot to create an idyllic hideaway.

Garages: As this is a large building that needs vehicle access to and from the entrance, the most popular place for a wooden garage is at the end of the driveway or by the side of the house.

Log Cabins: A log cabin looks wonderful at the bottom of the garden and, while there are rules and regulations regarding planning permission on certain garden buildings, most log cabins do not need planning permission. However, it always best to check with your local planning office first.

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