How Garden Gates in Suffolk and Essex Can Add Beauty to Your Outdoor Space

Garden gates are available in all different styles and materials but wooden garden gates are extremely popular in the UK. This is because wooden garden gates are attractive, versatile and offer good value for money.

The colder months are a great time to take a look at your garden and jot down what you need to improve in this area in time for spring. One of the things you may want to invest in is a wooden gate; there are a variety of timber gates that are suitable for any type of garden, whether you have small urban courtyard area or large grounds in the open countryside.

Here we shall take a look at eight different uses of garden gates in Suffolk and Essex and how they can enhance your outdoor space.

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Adds Interest to a Garden

Gates are a magical part of a garden and make a property look more interesting. If you have a property in the country with lots of different gardens, gates are an indication of the mystery of what may lie beyond. It could reveal a hidden cottage garden, a walled garden, a fragrant herb garden, a vegetable garden, or a wild flower area for picnics in the summer. A pretty wooden gate under an archway has the same effect and guests will love discovering what is behind it.

Adds Beauty to a Space

You don’t have to have a large garden to have a garden gate. Even the smallest gardens in a town or city may well have an area that you can section off to create something that is truly beautiful and out of the ordinary.  An attractive picket gate and fencing can be used to create a small herb garden or you can have gates and fencing to enter various parts of a terraced garden.

Makes a Garden Appear Bigger

Even if your garden gate doesn’t lead anywhere, this can give the illusion that your garden is bigger than it really is because it appears that the gate leads on to another garden, open space or walkway.

Some householders with a small outdoor space may put a wooden gate at the end to create the impression of a bigger garden. If you are selling your home, this may well help sway potential buyers when they look round your property.

Screens off Unsightly Areas

Tall garden gates can be used to screen off un-slightly areas, such as an unattractive view of a car park or a neighbouring builder’s yard for instance. A tall wooden gate with fencing can also be used to section off and to provide access to a compost heap, or to conceal an area where bins are kept.

Allows Access

A wooden gate will provide an entry to a pedestrian walkway or side access, if you have one adjoining your property. For those of you who are lucky enough to have grounds that face on to a park, a garden gate will make this area instantly accessible, so you don’t have to walk all the way round.

Provides privacy

A gate is an appealing way to mark out the boundary at the front of a property, as opposed to leaving this space completely open. Garden gates with a fence or hedging on either side look attractive and also create privacy. Obviously, the taller your garden gate and fencing, the more private your garden will be.

Provides Security

If you have a garden gate, this acts as a psychological barrier as it doesn’t show what lies beyond. A fairly un-fancy driveway gate at the end of a long drive, for instance, can conceal a large house, and this may help make your property more secure.

Keeps Children and Pets in

You can use garden gates for safety reasons: to prevent young children having access to a pool area, for instance.  A garden gate with picket fencing also looks attractive around a patio and keeps dogs and children within the confines of this space. They are also a great buy for the front garden, as gates and fencing can prevent other people’s pets straying onto your land.

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