Log Cabin Kit Bury St Edmunds – Do I Build My Own or Bring in the Professionals?

With the current property market conditions, more people are deciding to extend their homes, rather than upsize and move to larger accommodation. Log cabins have become an attractive and cost effective way to create family rooms, children’s chill out areas, home offices or extra guest rooms.

Log cabins are highly appealing and, once you receive your log cabin kit, while most people will enjoy building it, others will find it intimidating and won’t know where to start. What you have to decide is whether you can do the job yourself, or if the best bet is to bring in the professionals.

Nelson Potter sell log cabin kits to customers in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Colchester areas, and other parts of Suffolk and Essex. Here we shall examine how easy it is to build your own garden building.

Log Cabin Kits Bury St Edmunds – click here to view our range of log cabins

First Steps Before Buying

The very first step – before you buy a log cabin kit – is to check whether you need planning permission. And, if you do, make sure planning permission is fully granted before you start the construction. To find out whether planning permission is needed, just ring up the local planning officer who will advise you.

The next step before ordering is to make sure the cabin you want is big enough to suit your needs. For this, consider what your garden building will be used for and whether this use is likely to change in the future. For instance, a children’s play room may be transformed into a teenager’s chill out zone and games room a few years down the line, so you may want to choose a bigger log cabin.

Can I Build my Own?

All Nelson Potter log cabins come in kit form and arrive with full instructions on how to build them. If you have a reasonable handiwork skill level, and are competent at carrying out DIY work around the home, you will have fun constructing your own log cabin as it’s a bit like being presented with a giant Meccano set.

If you do intend to build your cabin from scratch, some of the things you should ask yourself are: Do I have the correct tools for the job? Can I put time aside to do the work and carry out a proper job? Are there one or two more people I can call on who are willing to help? This is because, with all the best will in the world, building a log cabin is a two or three person job and you will need someone to assist you at various stages, such as moving the wooden boards and holding them in the right place.

All our log cabin kits come with a booklet with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Included in the build guide is a parts list and it’s important to check you have all the parts you need before you start.

Also check you have all the right tools to hand. Examples of some of the tools you will need are: a hand saw, claw hammer, cordless drill, nail gun (this will make your life easier although is not essential), spirit level, circular saw (again not essential), rubber mallet, step ladder and a mastic or sealant gun.

We recommend you carry out all the necessary groundwork first, such as making a concrete base to put your log cabin on. Concrete bases are ideal if your ground is firm and reasonably level. Another alternative is a Swift Plinth Foundation – an economical pad foundation system for buildings such as log cabins.

Once your building is constructed, within two weeks the whole cabin (inside and out) should be treated with a high quality preservative; however, it is important to note that this is weather dependent and should only be done on a dry day.

If you are experienced at handiwork then DIY log cabin building will not only save you a lot of money but it will also give you the added satisfaction that you have built something entirely from scratch.

Bringing in the Professionals

If you don’t know your nut from your nail and have never so much as put a shelf or a picture up, building a log cabin may not be for you. In this case, the best bet is to bring in the professionals, or to ask a local handyman who will be willing to assist you.

There are companies available that specialise in building log cabins and this will give you complete peace of mind that the job is done correctly. They have all the specialist equipment, tools, a qualified team and even third party insurance, so you can rest assured that you are fully covered should something happen.

Nelson Potter also offer a fitting service in the local area (available in Suffolk and some parts of Essex). Using our specialist in-house team means your log cabin will be correctly installed with all the instructions followed to the letter and you will feel safe and secure in your new building. You may find that bringing in the professionals is the quickest and easiest way to get the job done and it is a great timesaver too.

About Nelson Potter

Nelson Potter timber merchants sell log cabin kits in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Suffolk and parts of Essex. In addition to our log cabins we sell: sheds, fencing, workshops, garages, summer houses, pet houses, workshops, gates, decking, sleepers, decorative panels and garden furniture.

Log Cabin Kits Bury St Edmunds –  click here to view our range of log cabins

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