Make a Big Impact with these Four Simple Garden Ideas

If you are starting your garden from scratch this spring, an outdoor space is a great way to unleash your creativity.  However, if you are redesigning your garden, the trick is not to go too overboard as it may put buyers off when you sell your property in the future. An intricately designed landscaped garden may look spectacular, but it also needs a lot of upkeep.

Instead, it is important to design a garden that works for you, but doesn’t take up hours of your free time to maintain. After all, the best way to make your garden attractive to future buyers is to keep it neat.

From water gardens to patio gardens, nature areas and eco-friendly gardens, timber merchants Nelson Potter, Suffolk, looks at six simple garden ideas to inspire you this spring.

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Four Garden Ideas

Research shows a great garden will add saleability to your home, and many Britons wouldn’t even consider buying a property without an outdoor space. Certainly, in recent years people are spending more on their gardens by investing in luxury items such as pizza ovens, hot tubs, or wooden log cabins, to make their gardens more appealing and to create an extension of their interior. However, you don’t have to go overboard to make an impact, as these four simple garden ideas show:

Patio Garden

If you have a small, shaded garden in a town centre, this shouldn’t limit your creativity. You can still create a garden with a wow factor without being restricted on space. One idea is to pave your garden, then layer this area with plants to add the illusion of space. Add trellising for climbing plants and place wooden planters at different heights to bring in splashes of colour. It is also worth investing in a beautiful patio set, which will make this space more practical in the warmer months. And, candles or fairy lights will add to the enchantment when the light fades.

Water Garden

Do you like the soothing sound of water? One idea is to go all out and create a pond with a small bridge and decked area, or, if you have a smaller garden, an attractive fountain is low maintenance and relaxing. From modern sculptural fountains, to traditional designs, there are plenty of off-the-shelf fountains to choose from. Alternatively, if you are the creative type, you can make your own design with water trickling down rocks into a tiny pond. Fountains have a calming effect, so why not place wooden garden furniture beside it to make a space to unwind?

Eco-Friendly Garden

Eco-friendly gardens are becoming more popular, with compost heaps, water butts and using recyclable materials, such as railway sleepers, very much in vogue. Why not go one step further and be as self-sufficient as you can by growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruit? Nelson Potter sells a range of garden materials, including trellis, to create the perfect sustainable garden in Suffolk.

Nature Gardens

Hot on the heels of an eco-friendly garden is the growing trend for leaving a patch of garden to nature, to attract bees, insects and butterflies. You may want to zone your wildlife area with an arbour and bench, a decked pathway, or use a wooden archway to make this untouched land even more appealing. You might want to add a bird box or birdbath to your garden, and have a pile of logs for insects to hide under. When it comes to choosing plants, foxglove, honeysuckle, lavender and thyme are all good choices for a nature garden and add a burst of colour.

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