Making the Most of a Small Garden

Just because you have a small garden, there is no need to be limited in your design ideas. Using fencing panels from Ipswich timber merchants Nelson Potter can help give you privacy, and create your own little haven where you can get away from the outside world. Nowadays, many new housing developments only include tiny gardens. So, it is good to know that even a tiny patch can offer plenty of possibilities, from growing your own vegetables to relaxing on a mini-patio.

With limited space, you need to make a choice about how to best to use this area, so that you make the most of every corner of your garden. Before you start laying out your patch, it is a good idea to map out your design ideas, so you know in advance exactly what you are going to put where. You could ask the keen gardeners among your friends to comment on your ideas and provide some helpful tips. For instance, it’s good to know that choosing fencing panels rather than wide hedges will actually give you more space to play with.

As well as thinking about the types of gardens you like, it is also important to bear in mind how much time you have available to work on your garden, as even a small plot can take up a lot of time if the design is elaborate.

Whatever your ideas, we at Nelson Potter have a whole range of garden and fencing products which will help you make the most of your space.

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There are a number of different themes to consider when designing and laying out your small garden.

Low Maintenance Garden

If you don’t have much time for gardening, you could turn your small space into an attractive area which won’t take a lot of maintenance. One popular way of doing this is to create a rock garden with gravel, while another is to use wood decking. With both of these types of gardens, you can add greenery by including plants or small trees in wooden planters. You could also have a small lawn if you prefer it to gravel.

Garden on Two Levels

Constructing a small garden on more than one level will add interest and help to make the most of your space. You can use wood decking and build steps to create a split-level garden, while another idea is to include raised beds created from railway sleepers. A good way to link the two levels is with a water feature running from one to the other, or you could include plants with similar colours.

Patio Garden

Including a patio in your small garden will give you somewhere to sit and entertain. Garden patio furniture is an essential and need not take up too much space. Wooden benches are a space-saving alternative to individual chairs, or you might consider the Moorland Alcove from our range of wooden garden furniture, which has two chairs connected by a small table. You could put in an area of timber board decking and choose some striking plants in wooden planters to add interest. Also, patio lighting or heaters will add versatility so you can sit out in the evening or during cooler times of year.

Mini-Kitchen Garden

It is sometimes assumed that you can only grow your own vegetables if you have a large garden, but in fact this is possible even in a small patch. Tomatoes, cucumber and herbs will all give you good crops in a very tight space, as will runner beans, French beans and various salad leaves. You can use railway sleepers to build raised beds, or, if you really don’t have room for these, it is also possible to grow a range of vegetables and herbs in pots and planters. When planting crops in containers, remember that you will need to feed the soil regularly. If you have room to consider garden sheds, then we have them in sizes starting from just 5ft x 4ft.

Mini Cottage Garden

Another way of using space to the maximum is to go for a cottage garden look, which involves blending flowers with herbs, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and small trees. Rustic fence panels, such as those made from traditional or framed willow, will enhance the country atmosphere, together with   items like rose arches and arbours or trellising. You could also include one or two dwarf fruit trees in your garden and keep them well-pruned. A bird table is another attractive feature which will help to bring wildlife to your garden.

About Nelson Potter 

When you are laying out a small garden in East Anglia, Nelson Potter are the experts. We have a wide range including everything from timber sheds and summer houses to garden gates, railway sleepers and fencing panels. With sites at Dodnash (Bentley) near Ipswich and Bromeswell near Woodbridge, we deliver to customers across Suffolk and Essex.

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