Five August Jobs for the Garden

Summer is the time when you ought to be enjoying your garden to the full – the weather is at its finest and the flowers will be at their most fragrant. However, a gardener’s work is never done – so here are five key jobs for August, courtesy of wooden garden furniture suppliers Nelson Potter, […]

Five Key Ways to Ensure You Enjoy Your Garden in Summer

Summer, more than any other time of year, is when you really want to be outside enjoying your garden. Nelson Potter, who supply quality garden furniture to customers across Suffolk, have identified five key jobs to carry out now so that you can relax and soak up the sun, secure in the knowledge that everything […]

Key Gardening Tasks for February and March

  As we begin to move out of winter, the months of February and March are key times for getting some of the groundwork done to ensure that your garden will look at its best come the summer. Nelson Potter, who supply high-quality garden buildings and timber products to customers in Ipswich and throughout Suffolk, […]

Key Gardening Jobs for Winter

Just because the main growing season is over, that doesn’t mean that gardeners can afford to rest on their laurels. In fact, November and December are key months when you can do a lot of the groundwork to ensure your garden looks at its best when spring arrives. Nelson Potter specialise in supplying high-quality garden […]

Top Gardening Jobs for Late Summer and Early Autumn

Although mid-August is usually a time for putting your feet up in your garden – preferably with a nice cold drink – there are still some jobs which you need to keep on top of, no matter how sunny it is. Here Nelson Potter, who supply timber sheds and a range of high-quality garden furniture […]

Key Gardening Jobs for the Summer Months

Summer is now almost upon us – and that’s official. Meteorologists think it begins on June 1, because it is more convenient to split the year up into four different seasons of three months each. Astronomers, on the other hand, think summer begins on June 20, due to the nature of the earth’s axis around […]

Top Tips on Preparing Your Garden Shed for Winter

The best way to look after your garden tools over the winter months is to keep any gardening paraphernalia stored in garden sheds. These are useful for storing tools, bikes and summer garden equipment like picnic blankets and tents. As winter fast approaches, now is the time to act and prepare your garden building for […]

Preparing Your Wooden Garden Furniture for Winter

You’ve spent a lovely warm summer in your garden using your wooden furniture. But as the long summer now draws to a close, we look ahead to the colder months to see a wet and freezing winter on the horizon. Even though most durable wooden furniture is designed to be left outside over the winter, […]

Enjoying Your Summer Garden

We’re having one of the hottest summers since records began, with minimal rainfall and plenty of bright sunshine right into the warm evenings. One of the best parts of the summer is being able to sit back with a cold drink and admire the results of your hard work in the garden. But with this […]