Tidying Up Your Garden this Season – Your Autumn Checklist

Are your garden sheds in Ipswich and Suffolk need of weather-proofing, and is your wooden fencing in need of repair? Now the summer is over, it’s time to draw your attention away from your plants and maintaining a neat, manicured lawn, and instead look at what you can do to improve your garden for next […]

Making the Most of a Small Garden

Just because you have a small garden, there is no need to be limited in your design ideas. Using fencing panels from Ipswich timber merchants Nelson Potter can help give you privacy, and create your own little haven where you can get away from the outside world. Nowadays, many new housing developments only include tiny […]

How to Create a Zen Garden

Zen gardens are an ancient Japanese tradition, but have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. Amid the stress of the 21st century, people are always looking for different ways to relax – so one attraction is that this type of garden has a famously serene atmosphere, as well as being easy to […]

Wooden Sleepers – Creating the Perfect Terraced Garden

Terraced gardens – including plant containers, decking, shrubs and attractive patio garden furniture – are a popular choice in urban areas and are easily created if you have an outdoor area with a steep slope. The beauty of this type of garden (which dates back to ancient Rome and was also popular in the Italian […]

Creating a Gorgeous Cottage Garden

Cottage gardens have been popular in the UK since Tudor times when they were introduced to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants for healing. Even today, many gardeners, especially those based out in the country, still strive to create the idyllic cottage garden with colourful fragrant blooms and delicious home grown fruit and vegetables, to […]

Best Uses for Wire Fencing

Wire fencing is often thought of as simply an agricultural boundary solution in a completely different category to your more domestic, wooden fencing. But, when it comes to its uses, as well as keeping chicken and other livestock in, and unwelcome visitors out, wire fencing has many functions and can cater for all sorts of […]