Seasonal Christmas Garden Decorations

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, and to get you into the festive spirit we have come up with seasonal ways to decorate your garden. These ideas can be used to make your environment warm and welcoming and will brighten up wooden fencing, gates and trellis.

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Christmas lights and fairy lights can be strung on trees and fencing to create a magical entrance to your home. Ice lights can be used to adorn the roof of your home, whilst spiral lights can be arranged on the gate. For a unique twist on festive lighting, try wrapping fake Christmas tree branches around your picket fencing, along with fairy lights to further enhance the Christmassy feeling.



To create a fun, decorative outdoors, why not use accessories such as blow up Santas and elves to bring your garden to life? Big snowmen and fake reindeer can be posed to peer over your fence, which are bound to make passers-by smile. These accessories can be reused every year, so they are an investment and something your children can look forward to as they grow up. For more understated accessories, there are several chic garden decorations available that are made from woven, natural materials.

Trellis Arrangements

Your garden can be transformed using red bows, ribbons and baubles. This looks spectacular when mounted on a trellis, and you can use your existing plants as a base for the display. Simple and inexpensive, a creative outdoor arrangement will look beautiful during the day, and you can light up the display at night.



Seasonal berry wreaths can be placed at the entrance to your home, on your gate or front door. Our delta panels are ideal for this and can easily showcase your winter wreaths throughout the festive period. Real pine wreaths not only look stunning, but they also smell divine as you go to and from your home.



To give your garden a rustic but stylish feel this winter, pine branches can be hung up around fencing and doors. These look fantastic against bare wood and can be arranged artistically on the front door, garage, or wooden shed, for a simple and creative look.

Santa’s Grotto

If you are feeling adventurous, why not turn your garage or summer house into Santa’s Grotto? This can easily be done using a red and white theme, and you can finish off the look by adding a touch of fake snow. Your children and their friends will love this idea, and it is a brilliant surprise for them to come home from school to find. Nelson Potter’s Appleby Cabin can be transformed into the magical home of Santa.

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