Selling your home? Six Ideas for Sprucing up Your Front Garden to Give it Kerb Appeal

Your front garden is the first thing visitors see and, rightly or wrongly, it gives them a sense of what your property is like inside. How many times have you driven past a house and seen a beautiful front garden and imagined, if only for a moment, what it would be like to live there?…Or even thought the opposite?

First impressions count and, if you are selling your home, the state of your front garden can make or break a sale. If your outside space is neglected and overgrown, your Suffolk fencing is in disrepair, or your driveway is used as a general dumping ground, its time to restore your property’s kerb appeal.

To show you how, here are half a dozen quick fix garden makeover tips from Nelson Potter of East Anglia:

Repair Fencing – Damaged fence panels, and gates with broken hinges, won’t go unnoticed by buyers and it destroys the look of your front garden. In many cases, you don’t need to replace the whole fence, just one or two fence panels. This is relatively cheap and easy to do, and completing this task creates an instant improvement.

If, however, your boundary is beyond repair, you may want to consider installing new fencing. If you do take this option, think about what will work best with your home. While picket fencing neatly defines boundaries, this won’t be suitable for all Suffolk and Essex front gardens. Heavy duty or decorative fencing provides greater privacy and will screen off larger outdoor areas.

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Declutter – A cluttered front garden is an eyesore and will put buyers off in an instant. However, it is easy to resolve this issue and it is the cheapest form of makeover.

To do this, take a look at your garden with fresh eyes and remove everything that you feel shouldn’t be there – broken plant pots, dead plants, discarded bits of machinery (or car parts) and if you are marketing a family home, make sure all toys are cleared from your front garden.

Another thing that you might want to consider is hiding the bins. You could either move them to a discreet area, conceal them in a small shed, or – if you are feeling more ambitious – fence off your bins so they are neatly confined. However, one point of note, before you undertake any big improvements, is to consider the effect it will have on the saleability.

Another low cost way of decluttering is to remove weeds from pathways and driveways. If they are very dirty, spray your pathway down with a power washer and scrub any remaining grime with a brush, to bring it back to its original colour.

Use Planters – Even the smallest front garden can look beautiful. If your garden is tiny and you haven’t got much ground space, think about putting hanging baskets out or placing matching ornamental shrubs on either side of the door.

Another simple improvement is to invest in some planters. Nelson Potter sell wooden planters, including square, rectangular and hexagonal planters of all sizes, that you can treat with a wood stain. Even if your garden is mainly given over to car parking, planters will quickly improve the look.

Revamp Flower Beds – Well maintained flower beds brighten up this space and provide a cheery entrance to your home.

If you have existing flower beds, again clear any dead plants and remove weeds. If your front garden is mainly a paved driveway area, another option (aside from planters), is to use sleepers to create a raised flower bed in one or two corners of the drive. This looks appealing, but house sellers should limit the time and money they spend on home improvements.

Put up Trellising – If you have decided against creating a raised flower bed, think about whether you can achieve a similar effect with climbing plants. An archway over a porch or gate gives a country cottage an appealing look and the house buyer can decide whether to plant their own roses.

If you have a town property, putting up trellising against your house or fencing also looks attractive and will inspire green-fingered buyers to use their creativity on this outdoor space.

Garden Furniture – Some Suffolk and Essex front gardens, particularly in village or seaside settings, can be transformed just with a few well chosen items of garden furniture, such as a bench or picnic table.

As well as making your front garden buyer-friendly, you can take these items with you when you move house!

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