Six Ways to Use Arches and Arbours in a Cottage Garden

Imagine a typical cottage garden and what springs to mind – along with vegetable patches and wildflower areas – are wooden archways of roses or other climbing plants. The history of arches and arbours, which are covered outdoor seats, go back to ancient times when they were used as shading and to grow climbing plants; in those days they were not necessarily made of wood, but could be made of stone or marble.

Nelson Potter Timber Merchants Ipswich, and Woodbridge sell attractive, decorative timber arches and arbours in Suffolk and Essex, as well as wooden fencing, gates, timber garden buildings, log cabins, trellising and garden furniture. Just click on the link above to see our full selection.

Meanwhile, read on to discover the various ways you can use arches and arbours in a town or cottage garden.

Create Hideaway Seating – If you want to create a hidden shaded area in the garden to enjoy peace and quiet on a summer’s day, timber arbours are perfect for this, and look stunning decorated with climbing plants, or you can leave it free from climbing plants if you want to make the most of the latticework and design. Nelson Potter’s Omega Arbour and Sonata Arbour look beautiful in most gardens.

Zone Your Garden – Wooden arches are the perfect way to zone your outdoor space, to create separate sections such as wildflower gardens, al fresco dining areas, vegetable, fruit or herb gardens. They act as a stunning focal point and lead you from one part of your grounds, to the next. The Alpha Arch or Lambda Arch look fantastic in a cottage garden.

Gate or Doorway Surround – A wooden archway of roses over a cottage garden gate is visually appealing and is quintessentially English. Other common flower choices include honeysuckle or clematis. An archway above a doorway looks rustic and elegant and creates a charming entrance. The Melton Rose Arch, Round Pole Rose Arch and Square Timber Rose arch look amazing above a gate or a cottage doorway.

Form a Cosy Alcove – You don’t have to choose an arbour to create a shady seated area, another option is to choose a timber arch and put a favourite wooden armchair or bench beneath it. Alternatively, why not turn an archway into an enchanting focal point and place a fountain or sculpture beneath? Our Omega Arch or the Elite Omega Arch is the perfect choice for a wooden alcove.

Make a Walkway of Climbing Plants – An arch above stepping stones, pathway or steps, makes an attractive garden feature. You can even place one leading to a bridge over a small ornamental pond, or even stream, if you are lucky enough to have one at the bottom of your lawn.  Arches, such as the Alpha, Omega or Lambda Arch, enhance a garden beautifully.

Grow Grapes – Instead of a cottage garden, why not go for a Mediterranean style outdoor space and grow grapes above a wooden arch or arbour? Arches and pagodas have been used in this way worldwide for centuries and any of our arches or arbours are suitable for this purpose.

Nelson Potter sells a variety of wooden garden accessories to create the ideal outdoor space. Click on the link above to see our full range of arches and arbours.

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