Sleepers – Improve Your Garden this Spring With Raised Flower Beds, Herb or Vegetable Patches

Sleepers such as oak sleepers and softwood sleepers are used to enhance gardens in Suffolk, Essex and throughout East Anglia and are growing in popularity as more people realise the benefits of raised beds for flowers, herbs and vegetables. Easy maintenance, better yields and drainage are some of the reasons why people opt for raised gardens and they can be built almost anywhere: on lawns, patios, court yards and balconies.

Nelson Potter sell a wide range of sleepers including oak sleepers, softwood sleepers, gravel boards, natural sleepers and peeled softwood sleepers to customers throughout East Anglia. Early spring and autumn are the best times for creating your raised flower bed – early spring because the soil is dry enough to cultivate and autumn, so the soil can be weathered by frost. It is also advised to compost each spring to achieve the best results for your garden.

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Sleepers:  The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Raised flower, vegetable or herb gardens give you ready access to delicious home grown vegetables, abundant flowers and aromatic herbs. Sleepers can be used to create raised gardens of any length, shape, or height. However, it is advisable that they should not be more than 3 – 4 ft in width, so you can reach over and cultivate all parts of the raised area.

There are a number of advantages to raised beds and we shall show why some people use sleepers for their gardens below.

Sleepers Make Your Garden More Attractive 

Raised beds, also known as deep beds, can be made from a variety of materials including bricks, roof tiles and concrete. However, wooden sleepers are popular as they are sturdy and strong and give gardens an attractive, rustic look. They are also used by landscape gardeners to create steps and terraces. Sleepers add interest to your lawn and provide clearly defined areas which enhance the beauty of your garden. If you are using them for deep beds, however, make sure you leave enough space in between the beds to get your lawn mower through.
A Garden with Sleepers Can Bring Better Yields

Sleepers provide a solution to growing vegetables and herbs on poor quality soil, because the raised bed can be filled with nutritious soil and composting. The height of the soil increases the rooting depth and allows for a better crop. To make best use of space and to prevent weeds growing in between plant close together in blocks, rather than rows. Sleepers can be used on level or sloping gardens.

Sleepers Provide Easy Access to Your Garden

Raised beds give you access to your garden in all weathers. There is no soggy soil to walk on to tend to your plants and the soil does not get compacted by walking on it as the surface is within easy reach. They require very little maintenance after the initial stages of planting and composting and are suitable for people with back problems or mobility problems because they can be made to any height.

Sleepers From Nelson Potter

Nelson Potter sell a range of sleepers to customers in Suffolk and East Anglia and we shall look at the choices below. We also supply materials used to construct your raised garden beds including nails and screws and a range of wood treatments to prolong the life of your sleepers.

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Softwood sleepers

Softwood sleepers are our most popular type of sleepers sold to gardeners throughout East Anglia. Wooden sleepers can be cut to length and can also be used as garden borders and edging for garden paths. We pressure treat this product to guard against rot and insect infestation and offer a re-treatment service. Discounts are offered for bulk buys of 40 or more softwood sleepers.

Oak Sleepers

Sleepers are traditionally made of oak and are a good choice for raised beds above gravel boards because they are stronger and retain a greater amount of soil. Oak sleepers are the newest product in our range and offers good value for money, because it is hard wearing and long lasting. We use European sourced oak because we feel it produces a better quality of wood.

Peeled Softwood Sleepers

Peeled softwood sleepers are the most natural looking product for raised beds and, again, offer great value for money. Our peeled softwood sleepers have two log edged faces to give your garden a rustic or country look. The remaining edges are straight (profiled) so they are easily stackable. Peeled softwood sleepers are a good option if you want your raised beds to blend easily within their environment. Our logs are sold in varying lengths and can be cut with a good hand saw. They have also been pressure treated to prevent rot and insect infestation.

Gravel Board Sleepers

Gravel board sleepers are light weight and are a cheaper alternative to the other products in our range. We sell gravel boards in various lengths which have been pressure treated for increased longevity.

About Nelson Potter

If you are looking for sleepers for raised beds in East Anglia, we are a one stop-shop. Find us at The Sawmill, Hatchley Barn, Bromeswell, Woodbridge, or our retail yard at Nelson Potter (Dodnash) Limited, Bergholt Road, Bentley, just off the A12 on the outskirts of Ipswich. For sleepers and other garden products, we offer a local delivery service to customers throughout Suffolk and Essex.

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