Spruce up Your Garden this Spring by Growing Climbing Plants Up Your Fencing Panels and Trellis Panels

With the onset of warmer weather and summer just around the corner, timber merchants see a rise in demand for new fencing and trellis panels in Suffolk and Essex. It’s all for a good cause, as newly installed fencing can instantly transform a garden from a tired, dull outdoor area, to a haven of tranquillity.

Whether you like to spend your free time pottering about the garden, or are an experienced gardener, a garden awash with colourful scented blooms is something many of us aspire to. Moreover, trellis and fencing panels present the ideal solution to brighten up your surroundings. You may even be tempted to introduce your own vegetable patch with tomatoes, peas, or more unusual home grown varieties such as the South American vegetable, achocha, which tastes similar to sweet green peppers when pan-fried!

If you are looking to spruce up your garden with fencing panels and trellising, here’s some ideas on what to grow in your garden this spring. And once all your hard work is done, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of your new surroundings.

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What Types of Trellis Panels are Available?

Trellis panels are wood or metal structures used to train vines, support young trees, or climbing plants. Another common use of trellising, particularly in country or cottage gardens, is to create features such as hidden areas, shaded zones and archways.

Timber merchants Nelson Potter sell a fantastic range of wooden fencing panels, including heavy duty and decorative panels and trellis panels. Our selection includes fan trellis and trellis panels – which can either be used free standing or mounted against a fence or wall – and trellis for the tops of fencing panels. This type of trellis is designed to create an attractive focal point and add height to your boundary.

What Can I Grow Up Your Fencing and Trellis Panels?

You can grow any climbing plant you want in your garden, provided it’s in the right area for the plant to thrive (a sunny or shady spot) and your plants are well cared for. Here are some of our favourites:

Clematis – Clematis are a fantastic buy as they are available in whole spectrum of colours. These plants look superb against a wall, or up free standing trellis, or pergolas. It is best to plant Clematis either spring or early autumn and new plants should be well watered. It is also recommended that all newly-planted Clematis are pruned up to ten inches either straight away or within 12 months of planting.

Grapes – All sorts of grape varieties are available for UK gardens. Grapes planted in well-drained ground such as sandy or stony soils produce best results and grapes are not a good choice for waterlogged ground. These fruits grow best in the south of England, rather than in the North, and need lots of direct sunlight to thrive. Choose a south or southwest facing wall that is well sheltered from the wind.

Honeysuckle – Honeysuckles are popular climbing plants that are easy to grow up trellis and archways, and give off a wonderful perfume. They need rich, fertile, well drained soil to thrive and can be planted in full sun or partial shade. It is recommended that they are planted in garden compost with mulch around the base.

Roses – Roses look beautiful in a town or country garden and there are so many stunning varieties and colours to choose from. Climbing roses and ramblers can be grown along trellises, fences, or archways, and will really brighten up your garden. Choose a west facing wall or fence as your plants will benefit from the afternoon sunshine. Climbing roses are a good buy as they will flower from summer until autumn but a rambling rose will flower only once, usually in June.

Sweet Peas – Sweat peas have a wonderful colour and scent and are easy to grow. If you live in a colder area, the seeds can be sown in March or April, or in autumn in milder areas. Like honeysuckle, they need fertile, well drained soil to thrive and should be planted in an area of the garden that receives either full sun or partial shade.

Vine Tomatoes – Vine tomatoes are another great choice of climbing plant and can be grown in greenhouses, gardens or in pots. You can either grow them from seed, or you can buy tomato plants from late spring onwards. Vine tomatoes grow easily on trellis and need rich, loose soil, sunlight and plenty of water to thrive.

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