Ten Tips on Making the Best of a Small Garden with Planters

Wooden planters have many benefits – they add interest, creativity and a new dimension to even the smallest of Suffolk or Essex gardens. Use them to create colour and variety, or to produce a layering effect, which serves to draw the eye to certain parts of your outdoor space to give the illusion of a bigger garden.

What is so appealing about garden planters is that they offer a great deal of flexibility; you can fill them with flowers, shrubs, vegetables, herbs or even creepers. The smaller ones are also portable, so you can bring them indoors during the winter months to protect your most vulnerable plants. And, while some gardeners turn ordinary household items, such as old dressers, wellie boots, grills, barbecues – and even bicycles – into planters with spectacular results, the traditional timber varieties remain a popular choice.

At Nelson Potter, we sell wooden planters in all shapes and sizes direct from our Suffolk sites near Woodbridge and Ipswich. Our range includes rectangular planters, decking planters, half round planters, hexagonal planters, and pyramid planters. We also sell all you need to keep your timber garden containers in tip-top shape including wood stains and protectors. Just click on the link below to find out more.

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Meanwhile, read on to discover ten different effects you can achieve with the use of wooden outdoor planters:

Add Interest to a Front Garden – Two matching wooden pyramid planters flanking the front door of your home looks attractive and creates a sense of harmony and balance to even the smallest of front gardens. Add topiary plants such as Buxus Pyramids that are easy to maintain and can be placed in the sun or shade. This marks out your entrance and creates a welcoming environment for visitors.

Create an Optical illusion – You can use timber garden planters to create the impression of a larger garden. Three square planters and one rectangular one on a patio, for example, is one of a number of tricks you can use to make your outdoor space appear even bigger.

Improve the Look of Your Decking – Planters are the easiest way to introduce colour or greenery to your decking or balcony area, so your outdoor area stands out from the crowd. If you are using your planters for shrubs, you might consider painting your wooden plant pots to provide greater contrast.

Make an Elegant Patio Border – Outdoor containers can be used to transform a concrete patio into an attractive dining area. You can create an appealing patio border with succulents in planters – this will screen off this space and create a private outdoor zone for family meals or entertaining.

Inject Colour into Your Garden – If you have a small courtyard garden, planters provide the solution to create flower beds, or herb gardens. They don’t take up much space and introduce colour and greenery to an urban environment.

Add Greenery to a Rooftop Garden – Use planters in a variety of shapes and heights to create a green space on a town centre balcony or rooftop garden. Planting tall trees on a rooftop garden screens off the area and creates an idyllic escape away from the bustle of town centre living.

Create a Zen Outdoor Space – A few simple plants or shrubs in large planters on a paved or gravelled area can create a harmonious and tranquil outdoor space. The overall effect is minimalist, exotic and beautiful and creates a garden that you will just be yearning to spend time in.

Lengthen Seated Areas – Planters can be tagged onto the end of benches or seats to add variety and interest. You can improve on this space with the addition of fountains and water features to create the perfect place of relaxation.

Use Planters to Provide Height – Outdoor containers are not just used for flowers, shrubs or herbs, but you can also plant creepers to draw the eye upwards and enhance the look of a small garden.

Add Beauty and Interest – A cluster of wooden planters in different shapes and sizes can be used to brighten up a corner. One large planter next to two smaller planters looks attractive and stylish and doesn’t overwhelm a small space.

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