Top Tips for Building a Roaring Home Fire for Christmas

A roaring log fire is one of the staples of winter and a quintessential part of Christmas. It is also a traditional and sustainable way of keeping your house warm without using the central heating – an important benefit given how much energy costs have been rising recently.

Here Nelson Potter, who supply firewood to customers in and around Ipswich, provide some top tips on how to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of a fire at home.


Use Softwood or Kindling to Start It

Softwood comes from evergreen trees such as larch, Douglas fir and spruce. Softwood is better than hardwood for getting a fire started because it is lighter and less dense. The alternative is to use some other sort of accelerant such as kindling – small wood pieces including twigs and branches. These are much smaller and easier to ignite, and once they are burning, logs can be added to really get the fire going and provide some heat.


Use Hardwood to Keep it Going

Hardwood comes from trees such as oak, birch and ash. These are all sturdy, slow-growing trees that provide dense timber, and which burns for far longer than softwood. And, even after the flames have gone, the embers will continue to provide plenty of heat for some time. It also won’t produce as many sparks or smoke as a softwood fire, which is important for your safety and comfort (you don’t want any of your Christmas presents to go up in flames!).


Keep Your Timber Dry

Whatever type of wood you are using, you should make sure it’s kept dry. This is because a lot of the heat is used up evaporating water in wet logs, rather than keeping your home warm.  It also means that the fire will produce a lot more condensates and resin in your chimney, which are a primary cause of chimney fires. Burning wet wood also produces a lot more smoke.

Firewood should be stored at least 3ft from the house; 5ft is better. This will minimise the risk of any bugs, insects or rodents hiding in the firewood and then coming indoors. Ideally, any logs should be kept in a purpose-built rack or container which is ventilated so that air can continue to circulate and keep the wood dry. For maximum protection, get a cover to protect the logs when it’s raining.


Firewood in Ipswich from Nelson Potter

At Nelson Potter, we supply a wide range of firewood and accessories which will ensure that you can enjoy a nice warm fire in the heart of winter.

We stock firewood kindling nets and odourless Eco firestarters, so you don’t have to spend too much time getting it started. Our hardwood firewood is available in either single or bulk bags so, once you’ve got your fire started, you should have no difficulty keeping it going. We are also offering a £7.20 refund on all bags in good condition which are returned to the yard. In addition, we supply log stores with either vertical boards or a pin grooved effect. These can be made to measure and don’t just come in set sizes.

For a full list of all our fire-related products, just follow this link. Home delivery may also be available on some of our products.

We don’t just stock firewood. As leading timber suppliers to Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds and across Suffolk, now may be the time to place your order for fence panels, machine rounds, sawn timber, cladding and flooring for any garden projects you have in mind.

You can order all of these products online or you visit us in person at our yards in Ipswich and Bromeswell. For our full contact details click here.

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