Top Tips on Preparing Your Garden for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes plenty of good-natured opportunities to scare your family and friends – and maybe your neighbours too. While we don’t sell pumpkins and ghostly costumes at Nelson Potter, we do specialise in timber and fencing products in Felixstowe and the rest of Suffolk, which provide a great base for decorating your garden this Halloween.


Fencing Panels and Trellises

These make ideal places on which to hang spooky decorations such as lights, bats, spiders and skulls.

Trellises have an advantage over solid panels because of the holes, meaning you can easily use string to hang up lights or decorations rather than needing to hammer a nail into the wood. Our convex-top trellis panels can be easily fixed to the top of existing solid panels.

Don’t forget, in a couple of months it will be Christmas, when you can again decorate your fences with something more festive. To see our full range of trellis and screening panels, follow this link.



Provide an ideal indication to passers-by (or trick or treaters) whether you are in the party mood or not – whether it’s a ghost, a masked figure, hanging bats, pumpkins, or something else. Don’t make it too scary though if you have sensitive or easily spooked neighbours.

As with trellis fencing, there are advantages to a picket rather than a solid gate, because these make it easier to fix decorations and lights to. To learn more about our range of gates, click here.


Machine Rounds

These, along with fence posts, can be used for whatever ghoulish figures you want. For example, a scarecrow or a ghostly apparition. For the latter, all you need to do is add an old bedsheet with a few holes cut in it.

Once Halloween is over, you can use them for more normal purposes, such as in domestic garden fences, livestock fences, holding up rabbit wire and other structures. To see what machine rounds we currently have in stock, click here.



Your deck can be used for a variety of Halloween displays too, including lights and lanterns. It is important to remember here to take all the necessary safety precautions if any of these lights have a naked flame.

Although you probably won’t be using your deck much during the autumn and winter months, you can decorate it during festivities such as Halloween and Christmas. To check out our latest range of decking from our depots in Ipswich and Bromeswell, follow this link.


Preparing a Pumpkin Patch

It’s too late to grow your own pumpkins this year, but we can help you create your own growing area in time for next year. Pumpkins, which can be grown from seed, need to be sown in late May to early June.

If your garden’s soil is naturally dry, then you could grow them in a raised bed as these keep the soil warmer than traditional beds improving the growth of the plants. Your raised bed should be filled with fertile organic soil that is well-draining.

Having a separate bed is also a good idea because fully-grown pumpkins can take up a lot of space in the garden. At Nelson Potter, we supply 200mm x 47mm gravel boards that make the ideal foundation for a raised bed.


Fencing Products in Felixstowe and Across Suffolk from Nelson Potter

These are just a few of the products we have available at our online shop that can help you decorate your garden this Halloween (and during other festivities).

You can also visit us in person at one of our two yards, or get in touch with us directly by following this link and completing the online contact form.

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