Uses for Machine Rounds and Half Rounds in Suffolk Gardens

Wooden machine rounds, or half rounds, are frequently seen in domestic or agricultural fencing in Suffolk. However, their attractive, rustic appearance also gives them a much wider appeal. They have a host of decorative and practical functions in gardens including as pathway borders, retaining walls, and cladding. Pressure treated wooden posts are also an ideal buy for DIY enthusiasts who enjoy building garden accessories such as bird tables, benches and tree houses. Here, Nelson Potter timber merchants takes a closer look at some of these different uses.

Machine Rounds

These are wooden stakes, shaped by a machine, to produce a smooth, rounded, uniform edge. At Nelson Potter our machine rounds are made of 100% pine, and are kiln dried and pressure treated for strength and longevity.

Garden Fencing – Round wooden stakes are an ideal alternative to conventional timber posts for boundary fencing or for marking out long drives, especially in rural areas where privacy isn’t an issue. This is for several reasons: they are tough and durable (making them particularly hardy in England’s unpredictable weather conditions), elegant to look at, easy to install and simple to maintain. We sell machine rounds in a range of sizes and diameters, from 50mm to 200mm, and with pointed or straight ends.

Log Retaining Walls – Rounded timber posts add a natural beauty to a garden as they blend so well with their surroundings. They can be used creatively in garden landscaping for terracing, and edging for raised flower beds. These posts can be installed horizontally, or vertically, either at an even height (for a more uniform look), or differing heights for an eye catching and eclectic look to an outdoor space.

Tree Houses – If you enjoy the challenge of building things, you might want to embark on a tree house project, which will be a huge hit with children. From the most basic huts, to an elaborate design, how it ends up is purely down to your imagination – and your DIY skills! You will need a mix of round posts and straight timber to build one.

Bird Tables – These are relatively simple to make as the most basic design (such as an open table) requires a round wooden stake, a piece of solid timber, a few nails and some hooks to hang bird seed on.  A top tip from ornithologists (bird experts) is to avoid making the table too small as the birds may fight over the food.

Tree Stakes – Another use for machine rounded timber is as tree stakes, for young shrubs or trees. Our spiked round stakes are the best buy for this purpose as they allow for easy installation and offer a sturdy support in all weathers.

Half Rounds

Timber half rounds are similar to the above but have a semi-circular cross section. Like our wooden machine rounds, our half rounds are available in a variety of sizes and can be bought with a pointed or smooth end.

Garden Furniture – If you would like to try your hand at furniture making, machine rounds and half rounds can be used in innovative ways to build wooden garden furniture such as benches, tables and chairs (see picture above). You can be as simple or elaborate as you like in your design and you’ll have the satisfaction in knowing that you made the furniture yourself.

Path Edging – Half rounds are extremely versatile and can be used in garden landscaping to create neat pathways or walkways, or they can be used as edging for raised patio areas, flower or vegetable gardens. Different shapes and designs of pathways and flower beds will make your garden really stand out.

Cladding – These are perfect for cladding will provide a rustic look to various landscape projects. All our half rounded machined timber has been pressure treated to prevent rot.

Wooden Machine Rounds –  Click here to buy half rounds and machine rounds in a range of sizes and diameters from Nelson Potter timber merchants Suffolk.

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