Wooden Fencing Colchester – Creating a Private Retreat

With summer fast approaching it is important for you to be able to peacefully enjoy your garden without any distractions, or noisy disturbances. Whether you choose to spend your weekends reading a book on a lounger, or tending to the garden, if you live in a built-up area, it can be off-putting to know that your neighbours can see you, or equally you can see and hear them.

Nelson Potter sells a variety of garden furniture and fencing which can be placed strategically to help reduce noise levels while increasing the feeling of privacy. Here we explain some of the best and most attractive ways to create a private retreat using our hard wearing fencing and accessories.

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Attractive plants and trees can be grown to create a pretty but secluded garden. This is ideal for attached homes which overlook the neighbouring garden as it can provide privacy while still feeling friendly. Plants can be used instead of fencing for a light and beautiful touch to the garden, and will work well in gardens where minimal privacy is needed.

If you are thinking of planting trees to add privacy, consider how the tree will look throughout the year. Trees such as beech and evergreens are good for creating a quiet area in the garden as they flourish all year round to provide dense coverage. These types of trees grow quickly and to a good height, which is good for creating privacy. Make sure, however, that the positioning of the trees will not block light filtering into your garden, as this can make your garden feel small and cramped.


In busy areas it can often be noisy, with sounds such as dogs barking, cars passing or raised voices. These noises can easily be blocked out by using water features, such as fountains or ponds, which will help to enhance the relaxing setting in your garden. Cascading water can be very soothing, and will help to relax your mind while you enjoy a quiet day in the garden.

Gardens with limited space may struggle to fit in a fountain, so why not try wind chimes instead? These won’t drown out harsh sounds such as car engines or shouting, however they can allow you to focus on little sounds instead. Fencing can also be used to muffle harsh noises, and the thicker the fencing the better it will be able to reduce outside noises.

Trellising and Tall Plants

Trellises can be used as a friendly screen divider between you and your neighbours, which allows you to be sociable while still having boundaries to your garden. Our Iota trellis panels can be paired with vines such as roses, wisteria, hydrangea and clematis for added colour and beauty. These vines will be covered in flowers throughout summer for extra concealment while you relax in the sun. During winter the vines will be smaller, allowing more light into the garden.

Alternatively, tall plants can be grown in planters to block unwanted sights such as a neighbour’s ramshackle shed or a lamppost. A row of tall plants can look elegant while creating a screen between you and your neighbours, and plants that work well for this include calamagrotis, pennisetum, and bamboo.

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