Stunning Garden Fence Ideas for All Types of Homes

Whether you live in the town or countryside, Nelson Potter brings you five superb ways to use our timber fencing from Suffolk. From rural cottages to urban homes, we have durable fences for all gardens that are designed to work beautifully with your home and to solidly define your boundary.

Established over 40 years ago, here at Nelson Potter we sell a wide range of fencing, including decorative fence panels, picket fencing, weatherboard panels, Waney Edge wooden fencing, willow panels and hazel panels. Most are available with matching wooden gates to create an attractive entrance to your garden and home.


A quaint cottage garden is not complete without the charming look of picket fencing and gates. Picket fencing will make the most of your garden and country views, while also revealing the beauty of your home exterior. A comfy wooden seat looks chic when placed against the panels, more so if you decide to distress or white wash your fence to enhance the picture-perfect look. Climbing plants look stunning in a cottage garden, and can be fashioned to climb a trellis as they grow, for an effortlessly pretty and rustic arrangement.

Terraced House

If you are creating a terraced garden from scratch, a top tip is to think about the interior of your home. Consider where you look out onto the garden from, for example your kitchen or living area, and keep this in mind in your design. Use green, luscious plants to elongate your garden to create more of a spacious feeling, which is perfect for smaller town centre gardens. Our Waney Edge Fence Panels are the ideal choice, and can help to make your garden more secluded. A garden fountain can also help, with the soothing noise of the water helping to cancel out the noise of the town beyond. Waney Edge panels can give you the privacy and comfort you need to enjoy your garden, and can help to further create the feeling of peace and quiet.


Chestnut paling is a gorgeous way to pull your ample country garden together, with its rustic and homey feel to it. If you have a stunning view of the landscape from your elegant country home, this is a lovely way to border your garden without losing sight of the fields around you. Chestnut paling can last for up to 20 years with no maintenance required, so it is ideal for those of you who have little time on your hands. White and pink flowers and accessories look adorable in a country garden, and if you enjoy spending a peaceful time outdoors why not add a pond and some fish to watch whilst you relax? Ensure your country house and garden is striking by using flowers, such as motley dahlias and alliums, which will brighten up your garden with their pink hues.


A suburban garden can provide you with fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables if it is well planned. If your garden doesn’t get much sunlight, you can always use raised beds to ensure that your plants can reach the light. If you are a dog owner, make sure your garden is safe and contained by using secure decorative wooden fencing, such as our Beta panels and gates. To give your garden a splash of colour, you could grow roses up the fence and trellis to create a beautifully serene feel to your outdoor space.



A touch of creativity and imagination can make even the smallest of gardens look striking. For instance, a few planters or a hanging table with fairy lights and flower baskets will create a wonderful focal point for your garden. Add a wooden bench or a few chairs and a table for outdoor dining, plus a patio heater, and you will have a versatile outdoor space that can you can use almost all year round.  To complete this look, use willow screen fencing which will help keep your garden private. This is also very minimalist, so it will not distract from the outstanding features of the rest of your garden. Our framed willow panel fencing looks amazing for modern homes, and can be used in conjunction with our willow screen. For something a bit more decorative, why not try our omega lattice top decorative panel which is both durable and gorgeous?

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