Top Uses for Plywood in Your Garden

Plywood East Anglia – from Nelson Potter

Although plywood has been around for thousands of years – it’s believed to have first been used in Ancient Egypt in 2600 BC – it’s only in the last few years that it’s formed an integral part of many home DIY projects. Here Nelson Potter, who supply plywood to customers across East Anglia, look at the history of this material, and outline some of its key outdoor uses.


What is Plywood?

Plywood is a composite material consisting of several sheets (commonly called layers or plies) of wood veneer that have been glued or bound together at extremely high temperatures.

The sheets are usually rotated at 90 degrees to one another. Although this means some cross-graining, it gives the sheets greater stability and strength. In addition, there’s always an odd number of layers in any plywood product as this also helps to improve solidity and reduce the likelihood of warping.

Plywood can be made out of softwoods such as fir, spruce and pine, whereas hardwood plywood often uses birch and poplar. Generally speaking, the latter is more suitable for use in gardens because of its greater strength and durability, although at Nelson Potter we stock both types.


Potential Uses of Plywood in Your Garden

Boxed or Raised Gardens – these are ideal if your garden is on the small size, as these will maximise the space that you do have. A few planks of plywood, ideally lined with a waterproof material, will ensure you can grow and enjoy herbs and vegetables as well as flowers, even if you live in the centre of a town or city.

Garden Offices – plywood can create a light, contemporary feel if you want something to line the interior of your garden office with. It can also be used as flooring, or even the subfloor, where it will prevent moisture coming into contact with the floor itself. In addition, it can be used on walls and ceilings where it is generally used with a shadow gap between the sheets because this creates a striking aesthetic that also helps to absorb sound.

Outdoor Furniture – if you do have a patio, or decking, then plywood could be used to build your own benches or chairs so you can sit out in your garden. If you don’t have the time or woodworking skills to make your own, then at Nelson Potter we also stock our own range of bespoke garden furniture, which we supply to customers across Suffolk and East Anglia.

Playground Equipment – because plywood is easy to mould and bend, it can be used to create skate ramps or slides. Equally, you can use it to build miniature ‘houses’ for younger children.

A Temporary Boundary – while our purpose-built fencing is a better bet for a more secure boundary, plywood sheets can be used to protect parts of your garden from the elements (for instance high winds) or while you have another construction project going on.


Plywood in East Anglia from Nelson Potter

At Nelson Potter, we offer both softwood and hardwood plywood products. These are only part of our stock of timber products. As well as decking, fencing and garden furniture, we also supply other wood products such as machine rounds and half rounds, gates, garden buildings and firewood. For a full list of products, visit our online shop here.

If you have any questions you can also call us directly at either our Ipswich (01473 311905) or Bromeswell (01394 460199) depots.

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